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Find your joy...

Joy is within us all,
just waiting to be re-discovered...

    When you're feeling unhappy and unfulfilled it's because you're trapped in self-sabotaging patterns which can be very hard to see, and even harder to change. Because most of the mind is unconscious, it's very difficult to discover the causes of these patterns and so create lasting change in your life.

    Given that you cannot see you cannot heal, your obstacles to happiness need to be revealed and healed in caring collaboration. Only then will you be able to replace going around in circles, suffering the same painful experiences over and over, with a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. At last you will find your way back to the version of yourself you were always meant to be.

"Vicky is a masterful guide, uniquely gifted at being able to demystify areas of confusion and
misunderstanding. Talking with her is a profound experience. She brought me into a deeper connection with myself. I felt an immense sense of relief and joy at being seen with clarity
and understood without judgment.” 
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