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“Thank you for your special blend of hitting the nail on the head with the gentleness of a feather!” SK.
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My own life has been an amazing journey. My twenties were very difficult: I suffered a family tragedy, followed by a disease that changed my life forever. I was stressed, depressed and pessimistic. I believed that the pressures of my life shaped the way I felt, and I couldn’t see any other way to live.

     However, after living with my painful circumstances and thoughts for so long I finally decided that something had to change! With a degree in philosophy and a decade of struggle behind me, I set off in ‘pursuit of happiness’.

I attended dozens of workshops, completed five years training in counselling, followed by group analysis and couple work. After working with individuals and couples for another decade, I discovered in Life Coaching the perfect addition to everything I had learned so far. Three years later I graduated from a rigorous and highly disciplined training, having discovered brilliant ways to combine everything I knew to help my clients make meaningful changes in their lives. It proved a wonderful way to make psychological and spiritual “theory” into something real, alive and exciting. 

     I love being able to see what’s hidden from you, what holds you back, what stands between you and the infinite possibilities for your life. That is what we do together. When I see my clients’ lives transforming, their hearts opening in joy, I know I have found my place in the world.

Qualifications & Trainings:

BA Hons in Philosophy and Psychology

Advanced Certificate in Group Analysis (5 yrs)

Life Coaching Certificate (3 yrs)

Person Centered Counselling (5yrs)

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Levels 1, 2 and 3

Reiki Master Level

Byron Katie’s School for The Work

Logosynthesis (3 modules)

Internal Family Systems Preliminary course (4 months)

Couple's Dynamics Training at the Tavistock Institute (10 weeks)

Couple Therapy London Couple Counselling Network

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