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Happy Traveler

“I have to say that sessions with Vicky have to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments I have ever made." S.M.

“Vicky, you have a wonderful combination of skills, both intuitive and technical, which blend together in unique and magical ways. Talking with you is a deeply profound experience. Vicky is a masterful guide. She knows how to invite you into a deeper communion with yourself. Vicky has the gift of being able to demystify areas of confusion in one’s life. I felt an immense sense of relief and joy at being seen by her with such clarity, and understood without judgment.” VL

”This has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. I have learned an incredible amount about how I tick and function in this world. How different situations affect me personally by the way that I process the information and then act accordingly. By recognising these patterns a change is occurring to enable me to be far happier in all walks of life.” PN

“Thank you for your special blend of hitting the nail on the head with the gentleness of a feather!” SK

“I find Vicky’s coaching sessions help to put my life into perspective. I feel more positive and in control of my future. She is so open and informal, it feels like talking to an old friend. I always come away clear headed and ready to take on new challenges.” JK

“My sessions with Vicky have helped me enormously. Her practical approach is supportive and very effective. I have found ’working’ with Vicky to be one of the most simple, profoundly insightful, healing and productive experiences I’ve ever had.” DR

“My time spent with Vicky was great. She helped me identify where I wanted to go with my life, and challenged me to think deeply about my values, dreams and goals. She then helped me turn these into realistic and achievable plans, and in our sessions she gently encouraged me to make progress towards achieving these goals. For everyone who thinks they might want to go somewhere, but they aren’t entirely sure where, or how they might get there, a life coach like Vicky is a must!” ND

“Talking to Vicky is the best thing I have done in years. She gives me big doses of positive energy, which dissolves my depression, and enables me to move forward once again – I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.” AA

“Vicky helped me through a period in my life when everything was ‘stuck’. With Vicky’s help I have learnt a lot about myself and the way I live my life and interact with others. Now I feel that I have the resources within myself to continue to learn, and create the life that I would like to live. This feels great!” KC

“Over a few short sessions, I learnt more about myself and my motivations than many months in therapy ever uncovered” RL.

“Sessions with Vicky are like a thousand shots of caffeine on the spiritual level!” DR

.. “What a difference you have made to my life! Thank you so very much. It is difficult for me to express my gratefulness without using a cliché. Yes, you have changed my life. I don’t even know how but since having my sessions with you – I have started to believe in myself and even dared to hope for things to happen in my life, and they are really happening! I now believe that I can be really happy and not settle for merely being okay. I only wish I would have met you before and not have had to endure being very miserable at times. I sincerely hope that many more people have to courage to get in touch with you. Thank you again Vicky.” ML

“Through working with Vicky I have succeeded in changing my whole perception of my situation and as a result have found happiness far beyond what I thought possible. I now have a wonderful fulfilling life, and a fabulous, loving and supportive relationship.” CH

“I have to say the life coaching sessions with Vicky have to be one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments I have ever made. At first I was a little skeptical about how coaching could help me. But, it has clearly made a big difference and I am so grateful. Vicky helped me realise my potential and has assisted me in regaining balance in my personal and working life. My relationship is back on track and my new business venture is going great! She helped me to see what I did not see.” SM

“Vicky’s insights frequently astonish me, and they always come as a relief, delightful moments of recognition and clarity. GM

“I can honestly say that your coaching has changed the course of my life. Before we met I was quite a negative and pessimistic person. I also thought I knew myself well, and was sure about the realities of life. You are profoundly insightful, and you revealed things to me, negative beliefs that were sabotaging my life! With you I have reached amazing goals, things I never believed I could achieve. I am watching my dreams come true, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you from the depths of my heart.” PM

“Your help has been invaluable over the past couple of years. I have reached incredible, seemingly unattainable, goals that looked like mere words on paper when I wrote them down; now they are realities. I actually believe in my talents now. Your analysis is sharp and incisive, your methods are subtle yet insistent. Thank you, Vicky.” AD

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